Press for Kennedy Browne: How Capital Moves at Limerick City Gallery of Art Offsite

Kennedy Browne, How Capital Moves

Curated by Annette Moloney

Limerick City Gallery of Art Offsite

Christin Leach in The Sunday Times Culture magazine (click here to see full pdf):

Rachael Finucane online:

It was originally commissioned for the Łódź Biennale in Poland but I’m glad it came to Limerick. It’s still a topical (and touchy) subject in Limerick two years on. At least 1,900 people lost their jobs—dragging up memories of the closure of local factories by multinationals like Krups (closed 1998; 500 jobs) and Ferenka (closed 1977; 1,400 jobs). And those examples further reinforce the concept of how capital moves, which is a worrying trend for the Irish economy-dependent as it is on an export-driven recovery.

Speaking as someone who was recently made redundant, it’s a pretty accurate look inside the process from both a personal and practical point of view. It links common experiences from all over the world. How Capital Moves is a considered, carefully executed artistic response to real universal concerns.


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